Corporate Support

If your business is looking for a charity to support, please consider The Kitten Inn.
Thanks to your support, we can continue the work we do.

Pod Sponsorship

We have at least 8 pods (cages) up all year round. During our peak season this number doubles and so too do our vet bills. In fact, the vet bill increases 4 times more between November and March! This puts a massive strain on resources and also availability of desexing by our wonderful friends in the Wellington Vet Group.

An un-desexed mother cat can have up to 3 litters a season, so by the 2nd litter (even more so by the 3rd litter) the mother cat no longer has the nutrients needed to keep both her and the kittens healthy. As a result they often require a lot more care, from eye cream to having the flu to not putting on weight as well as they should.

How your business can help
Your business can sponsor a pod of cats/kittens for a month with a minimum donation of $500 which goes towards providing care for the cat or kittens in there. In exchange, we will promote your company by placing your logo or company name on the cage for every photo we take. This photo will be displayed on our website gallery, Facebook page and Twitter account. If you commit to a term of 6 months then we will provide your employees with a kitten party as a show of appreciation! T&Cs apply, contact us for more info.

Have A Kitten Party

The Kitten Inn are now able to offer business’s a Kitten Party. We can either come out to your place of business, or arrange a visit to the Inn to spend some time with some of our current foster kittens, in sessions from half an hour up to 2 hours. We come set with everything we need – all you need to provide us with is a quiet and secure room. Email us for more details and terms and conditions.


We are always looking for opportunities to get out in to the neighbourhood through stalls or markets, so if you are having a market and would like us to join then please contact us through the form below. If you would like to promote us online, please share our website or our facebook page!

If you think your business might be interested in supporting The Kitten Inn, please send us a message: