About The Kitten Inn

About The Kitten Inn

The Kitten Inn is a registered not for profit charitable trust based in Kelson, Lower Hutt. We take in unwanted pregnant cats, and kittens from throughout the Wellington region. We also regularly run discounted desexing programs to encourage and help people to responsibly desex their cats.

Our aims are:

* To promote the responsible desexing of cats
* Provide sanctuary and care for pregnant cats, and/or kittens
* Find loving new homes for the kittens and cats when they are ready for adoption

We generally have kittens (and sometimes the mother cats once they’ve been spayed) available for adoption almost all year round.

Our kittens are vacationing at the Kitten Inn while they await collection for their forever homes. During their stay they have become very social and have learnt the ways of the litter-box.