Regular Donations

How regular donations help

We rely on regular donations to do the work we do. We’re a non-profit organisation, so all the donations we get go straight to supporting the cats and kittens we rescue. We only have one appeal each year and while this gives us a bit of a boost, it doesn’t cover us for the whole year. The best things for us are regular donations from loyal supporters – we need donations coming in each month to cover the costs associated with rescuing cats and kittens.

How to set it up

You can help by setting up an automatic payment through your online banking of just $1 a week (or more if you’d like!) to our bank account (06-0541-0309270-02 ). If each of our supporters spared this pocket change each week we would be able to ensure that these cats and kittens get the support and medical attention they need, every week of the year.

To our generous donors

Thank you for considering a regular donation. If you’re in a position to donate more than $1 a week, here are some other ideas of what you might like to donate:

  • $5 a week can go towards blankets and bedding which often needs to be replaced
  • $10 a week can feed one cat or kitten for a week
  • $15 a week can provide essential medical supplies for a litter of newborn kittens