How can I adopt a kitten from you?

Check out all the details on adoptions right here.

My cat is pregnant, what should I do?

We can help! Please email us at info@kitteninn.org.nz or DM us on Facebook so we can chat about the process.

What do I do if my kitten gets sick after I’ve taken it home?

Email us at info@kitteninn.org.nz – we can help and give advice on any issues that may arise after taking your new kitten home.

  • You can claim for treatment costs incurred with our new insurance policy – which is offered for free for the first month!
  • Please note, conditions apply.
Do I have to desex my male cat?

Yes. A male cat matures at about 7 months old. In his lifetime, an un-neutered male can produce about 200 offspring! Desexing males is just as important as desexing females.

Does my cat need vaccinations?

Your kitty definitely needs to have its vaccinations and vet checkups. Vaccines stop horrible illnesses for your kitty like FIV, feline enteritis, cat flu, feline chlamydia, calicivirus and feline leukemia. Keep them safe and vaccinate them!

Will my cat land on its feet without being harmed if I leave it to get off of the roof on its own?

Cats can really hurt themselves if they don’t land properly. Make sure windowsills are fitted properly, there are no holes it could squeeze through, and try to help it down when it gets stuck.

Isn’t it cheaper to buy a kitten off of the internet than go to a shelter?

No – it actually works out cheaper for you to adopt from a shelter. We’ve worked out what it would cost for you:

  • Female desexing: $160
  • Male desexing: $80
  • Vaccination: $67 each
  • Microchipping including national database register: $80

That’s $227 for a male kitten and $307 for a female. When you adopt from the Kitten Inn, it only costs $160. Plus, your kitty will come flea-free, wormed, and with a clean bill of health! Which you can’t guarantee from buying online.

Are table scraps are okay for my cat?

Not really. Did you know that a piece of cheese for a 4kg cat is like eating almost three full chocolate bars? Table scraps are empty calories for cats. Feed your cat good quality food and keep them on a healthy diet to save it from other health complications later in life.

Do I need to exercise my cat?

If you are planning on keeping your pet indoors, this is a must! Cats need to have physical and mental stimulation, so keep plenty of toys around and make sure to play with them at least twice a day. This also helps you bond with it! You can also walk them on a harness to get some fresh air.

My cat flicks its tail at me – does this means it’s happy?

Cats have a subtle way of telling us how they feel, they’re not like dogs. If your cat is flicking its tail it’s telling you it’s had enough for a while. Give it some space and come back to playtime later.

Is it okay to trim my cat’s whiskers?

Definitely not – cats need their whiskers to balance and to navigate around their environment? Cutting your cat’s whiskers can hurt and disorient them and you don’t want that!

Can mother cats go outside after they’ve given birth? They can’t get pregnant straight away, can they?

Keep her inside. When a cat has just had a litter she will most likely go back onto heat when the babies are just 4 weeks old, so once Mum is allowed out again she will more than likely come back and have another litter on the way. Spay the mother as soon as you can, or get her spayed when she’s a baby and save yourself some worry later on.

Interesting Facts

1. Cats actually don’t like milk – they are lactose intolerant and it’s really bad for their tummies. You can buy pet-specific milk though, which is better for them.
2. Some cats are polydactyl, which means they have extra toes and can sometimes use them to pick things up!
3. Cats meow just for us! Cats don’t generally meow at each other – those noises are reserved just for humans.