Every single donation makes a difference

We rely on regular donations to do the work we do. We’re a non-profit organisation, so all the donations we get go straight to supporting the cats and kittens we rescue. We only have one appeal each year and while this gives us a bit of a boost, it doesn’t cover us for the whole year. Donations from loyal supporters enable us to cover the monthly costs associated with rescuing cats and kittens.

Regular Donations

To support us on an ongoing basis, you can set up an automatic payment to our bank account (06-0541-0309270-02). Even $1 per week is hugely appreciated – if each of our supporters spared this pocket change each week, we’d be able to guarantee our cats and kittens would get the support and medical attention they need, every week of the year.

If you’re in a position to donate more than $1 per week, here are some suggested figures and the difference they’ll make:

  • $5 per week will cover blankets and bedding which often need to be replaced
  • $10 per week will feed one cat or kitten each week
  • $15 per week will provide essential medical supplies for a litter of newborn kittens

One-off Donations

If you’d prefer to make a one-off financial donation, you can do this via PayPal, Givealittle, or directly to our bank account (06-0541-0309270-02).

Donating Items

With 1500+ cats and kittens in our care each year, we welcome donations of any items you may have. Some ideas include:

  • Cat and kitten food (Whiskas Kitten pouches, Royal Canin, or Iams are preferable)
  • Litter trays
  • PussyDo cat litter (available from Mitre 10)
  • Cat cages
  • Cat toys
  • Items for our craft fundraising team:
    • New fabric – cotton, polar fleece, towelling
    • Double knit (8 ply) wool 
    • Pillows / pillow stuffing
  • Stamps (80 cents) and A6 envelopes
  • Other items we can sell on Trademe or use in raffles

Click here to learn about the other ways you can support us.